Digital Nomad Café Guide to Kuala Lumpur

Digital Nomad Café Guide to Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur might not strike you as a particularly noteworthy destination when it comes to good places for digital nomads, but indeed there are several nice cafés with wifi that serve as good places to work. We spent the better part of our week there recently checking them all out. Here are our favourites, which are all pretty hipster (no surprise), have wifi, good coffee and free drinking water.

Feeka Coffee Roasters


With large, bright open space, comfortable benches and decent wifi, this is a well designed and wonderfully hipster space to work in. Staff are friendly and helpful and there are even a couple of power sockets. No soy milk or vegan options here unfortunately, though they do serve food and it can get busy at lunch time.





This place has outdoor spaces both at the front and upstairs overlooking the back side of the building. It can be a little dark in the areas with proper tables and chairs, there’s seemingly only one power socket in the whole upstairs area and the chairs are a bit hard, but the wifi is reliable and the staff very pleasant. No soy milk or vegan options, but the selections of teas is quite nice.



LOKL Coffee


Attached to the adjacent hostel, this cute little restaurant/café has multiple power sockets, lots of natural light and very fast wifi. As is standard for restaurants, they charge a 10% service charge on the bill. Nothing specifically vegan (no soy milk), though they have several bottled smoothies and the french fries serve as a good snack. Staff are friendly and accommodating, but also happy to leave you to work for a couple of hours.



League of Captains


Two thirds café, one third shop, this great little place has loads of natural light, multiple power sockets and really helpful, friendly and patient staff. There is outdoor seating outside both up and downstairs. The downsides are that there are only stools not chairs (so no back support), the air condition can be a little too cold and the wifi a touch slow. However, vegans rejoice: they have soy milk for your coffee (or matcha latte)!



Aku Café & Gallery


With a nice blend of eastern and western style, this place is a good place to work for a short while, hang out and even eat, though there are no vegan options (that means no soy milk, unfortunately). The wifi is decent, though there are no power sockets. However, tables and chairs are comfortable with plenty of cushions, but I would not be inclined to stay more than an hour or two to work without eating there. It’s a little tricky to find as the entrance is just a narrow staircase up from street level.



RGB & The Bean Hive


While this place has a few minor downsides (very few power sockets, slightly too cold air-conditioning and could-be-a-bit-faster wifi) it more than makes up for these in other ways. You pay and order at the counter, meaning there is no 10% extra service charge added to your bill and staff are more than happy to leave you to work for hours. There is both an indoor and outdoor space, with various types of seating as well as shelves of books to peruse if you have time. But best of all, there are multiple vegan options, not only limited to soy milk for coffee, but cakes, burgers and even breakfasts! Read more about this is our upcoming vegan guide to Kuala Lumpur.



I saved these places to a list on Foursquare that you can see here and easily save, and below is a map showing the locations of all the cafés mentioned in this post:

For much more information on working in Kuala Lumpur as a digital nomad, check out the guide on Nomad Destination.

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