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Free Things to Do in Glasgow

The largest city in Scotland really has a lot to offer. Besides its varied and growing vegan scene, it’s also a vibrant city with a lot going on. And there are many things to do in Glasgow that don’t require spending any money at all! Here are my recommendations for free things to do in Glasgow.

Check out the street art

Glasgow is a city full of art, and this is apparent just from walking around the streets. There’s so much street art in the city, you really don’t have to go far to find something worth seeing, and all of it is well maintained and cared for by the local authorities.


Some well known artists have left their mark on the street of Glasgow too, including Rogue One, Klingatron and Smug, but there are also some anonymous pieces here are there to be spotted too.


Visit the Botanic Gardens

Over in the West End, one of Glasgow’s more affluent neighbourhoods, are the Botanic Gardens. Almost two hundred years old, this picturesque public park is home to several glasshouses which house trees and plants from all over the world.


It’s a great place to check out some exotic plant life, take a walk or if it’s warm enough, have a picnic!


Get a view over the city from the Lighthouse

This impressive and unusual piece of late 19th century architecture is not only a cool place to see changing contemporary art exhibitions, but it’s also a great place to get a view of Glasgow from high up.


Up on the building’s sixth floor is a viewing platform which offers an almost 300 degree view over the city’s rooftops. If it’s reasonably clear out, you can see the surrounding hills as well.


Explore the Gallery of Modern Art

Guarded by the famous statue of the Duke of Wellington with his signature traffic cone on his head, the GoMA is a beautiful space with four separate galleries that has changing exhibitions from local and international artists all throughout the year.


It also has an area for kids to create their own works of art and a pleasant café so can be a great option for a rainy day.


Other free museums

There are plenty of other free museums that are worth a visit in Glasgow, including the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Riverside Museum, the Science Museum, the Burrell Collection and the Hunterian Museum.


Have you been to Glasgow? What free things to do you recommend doing there?