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Guide to Eating Vegan in Brno

Veganism is actually quite common and well understood in the Czech Republic. As a country with a reputation of being mostly about meat and potatoes, this may come as a surprise. Of course, Prague is a kind of mecca for vegans, but as the country’s second city, quirky Brno, is doing its best to keep up with the capital.


This is the key used in this guide, which appears directly under the name of each establishment mentioned:

Which meals are catered for

  • breakfast: typically 08:00-11:00
  • lunch: typically 12:00-15:00
  • dinner: typically 18:00-21:00

The type of food served

  • serves meat / vegetarian / vegan / raw vegan

A rough price range (based on prices of mains)

  • cheap: up to 80r (€2.95)
  • moderate: 80kr-120kr (€2.95-€4.40)
  • expensive: 120kr+ (€4.40)

Here is our vegan Brno guide with the highlights from our brief trip.


vegan / lunch & dinner / moderate

This is one of Brno’s newest all-vegan eateries which offers a nice range of self-service food at reasonable prices in a nice setting. There is a daily menu as well as several comforting staples, including some amazing burgers and fresh, spicy curries served as very generous portions.


There is also a small shop inside the restaurant selling their own label of vegan products as well as a few other well known brands. The design is minimal yet welcoming, with some nice details like a wall full of names of famous vegans throughout history. The staff are cute, friendly and helpful.



SKØG Urban Hub

serves meat / breakfast, lunch, dinner / moderate

Essentially a Scandinavian style hipster coffee shop, this place also serves some light vegan food such as soup, salads and hummus. They usually have one vegan cake, too.


There is a charge of 10kr for soy milk and with decent wifi and loads of natural light, it could also be a decent place to work, though there are not many power outlets if you need to charge your device.



Junk Food Café

vegan / lunch & dinner / expensive

Serving enormous portions of satisfying vegan comfort food, this place looks a bit more like a pub than a restaurant. Luckily, the area by the door is non-smoking, and at the back they sometimes host live music events and quizzes.


The burger was especially good, the fries perfectly crispy and they have some more interesting dishes too, such as beetroot steak with mashed potato and barbecue sauce.


There are some nice quirky touches like boardgames freely available to play while waiting for your food and that you can take a book from the bookshelf with you when you purchase a coffee.


Cafe Atlas

serves meat / breakfast, lunch, dinner / moderate

Something of a mix between café, restaurant, bar and music venue, this very cool place is popular among the student population of Brno. There is always one vegan breakfast option, a vegan soup and at least one vegan cake (which is sometimes raw).


A few other things may be vegan too, just ask. The staff are friendly and are also used to people working away on their laptops there, which it works as a good place for. Even though the majority of the menu may not be vegan, this is an excellent place for vegan options and everything we ate there was fresh and tasty.




vegan / breakfast & lunch / cheap

With a somewhat alternative vibe in the way that many vegan-for-the-animals places can be, this tiny eatery with space for only about four people to sit has some lovely food. It’s a nice place for a quick snack with a changing breakfast offering every day.


The hot chocolate was especially good and there is also a good selection of tempting cookies, cakes and other sweets, some of which are raw.




vegan / breakfast & lunch / cheap

This place is a great spot for a quick and simple but healthy lunch or afternoon snack. You choose your food at the counter and pay by weight, picking from the two main dishes of the day.


They can make freshly squeezed juices and smoothies to order and there is an impressive selection of cakes and baked goods, including a few raw options.



Charakter Bakery

vegan / breakfast, lunch, dinner / moderate

For an indulgent coffee and cake experience, this is the place in Brno to come. Though the selection is not enormous, the quality is right up there with giant, sinful pieces of fruity, chocolatey or creamy cakes.


The homemade chai latte is definitely worth trying, and it could also be a decent place to work, though the tables are perhaps a little small to stay for long. They also offer some sandwiches and wraps that can easily be taken away.



I’ve compiled all the places mentioned in this guide into a Foursquare list that you can easily save.

Many thanks to Jan, Katarina, Hana, Lucia and Hedvika for inviting us and helping to make this guide complete.

You can also download this guide on the GPSMyCity app!

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