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Guide to Eating Vegan in Hamburg

A few weeks ago, I went to Hamburg for the weekend of pride with a friend. Of course, one of my main priorities while there was so check out the vegan scene of Germany’s second largest city. It turns out it’s definitely not so developed as in Berlin (but then here we are spoiled, perhaps!), but the concept is still well understood and there are a few very good options for vegans. Here’s a quick look at five vegan and vegan-friendly places I found in Hamburg. (Last updated: September 2017)

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This fully vegan café (except that they offer cow’s milk for coffee) is situated in the Gängeviertel, a somewhat alternative district of Hamburg. They serve light meals, cakes and drinks in quirky surroundings. The bathroom is especially noteworthy!


Savoury options change daily, but including wraps, sandwiches, quiches and salads. The cakes are moist and satisfying with some interesting flavour combinations like lime and coconut. Ideal for a light lunch or just afternoon coffee and cake.



When the inevitable cravings for vegan ice cream beyond simple fruit sorbets hit, head to Eisbande. With about half the options vegan (which are very clearly marked), there’s plenty to choose from including flavours like Snicker’s, coconut and tiramisu.


As a bonus, they always serve coffee (with soy milk, if you ask for it) and sometimes even have raw vegan cakes on offer.


Jim Burrito

With a range of burritos, tacos and quesadillas that can be ordered with meat, vegetarian or vegan, this place serves good, filling food for decent prices. They unfortunately don’t offer any vegan cheese substitutes, but have some interesting ingredients such as cactus or tempeh as optional fillings.


Service is a little hit and miss when it’s busy, and you need to order and pay at the counter as likely no one will come to take your order.



This vegetarian breakfast joint and cafe offers almost everything on their (reasonably extensive) menu with a vegetarian or vegan option. Breakfast options include things like cereal, fruit salad, pancakes, vegan bacon and sausages, plus they have soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches for other times of day.


The location is very cool with some quirky little details that aren’t immediately obvious but which may give you a little chuckle. Staff are friendly if a little thin for a busy weekend brunch shift. Nonetheless, a great option to get a variety of decent vegan breakfast foods.


Happen Pappen

This cosy little place is a very popular lunch spot, and it’s easy to see why it fills up! Serving all vegan food, with two main dishes for lunch which change daily, the focus is on healthy comfort food and it doesn’t disappoint! They also serve food well into the evening, and on weekends, their all-day breakfast menu is full of delights such as porridge, pancakes and sandwiches.

The setting is lovely too, and though it’s quite small (you could even say cramped), the atmosphere remains friendly and relaxed. In the late afternoon, they don’t serve hot food, but come by for a piece of their homemade cake and coffee instead!

What other great vegan and vegan-friendly places did I miss in Hamburg? Let me know in the comments!