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Guide to Eating Vegan in Poznan

For such a small city, Poznan has a surprisingly varied vegan scene. During our short recent weekend trip there from Berlin with Nicole, Kristin and Amélie, we ate at pretty much all of the vegan and vegan-friendly places, you know, in the name of research. You’re welcome!

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This is the key used in this guide, which appears directly under the name of each establishment mentioned:

Which meals are catered for

  • breakfast: typically 10:00 onwards
  • lunch: typically 13:00 onwards
  • dinner: typically 18:00-20:00 (occasionally till 22:00)

The type of food served

  • serves meat / vegetarian / vegan / raw vegan

A rough price range (based on prices of mains)

  • cheap: up to 12-16 zł (€2.80-3.75)
  • moderate: 20-25 zł (€4.70-5.85)
  • expensive: 30+ zł (€7+)

Here is our vegan Poznan guide with the highlights from our brief trip.

Misa Lisa

vegan / lunch & dinner / oderate

A small, cosy place with a very cute aesthetic, this place serves deliciously fresh and innovative food. We had one plate with roasted vegetables and tofu topped with a savoury pancake, as well as salad that contained some fruit including peaches and pineapple.


The other was grilled tofu with savoury buckwheat porridge, roasted apples and salad. Both were excellent and the combinations of fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries was pleasantly unique and tasty.


They serve coffee, cake and waffles, but we tried the homemade chocolate bar with puffed quinoa, which was gorgeous.


Seriously good food, and the staff were very kind and patient with us, this place is great for a lunch break or just a coffee and snack.


Vege Pizza

vegetarian, vegan / lunch & dinner / cheap

Though they do offer dairy mozzarella, everything else about this place in vegan. The selection of pizza toppings is varied and everything can be ordered with or without vegan cheese.



There is usually a gluten free option in the form of farinata, a typical Italian quiche-like thing made of chickpea flour, as well as several salads.


To satisfy your sweet tooth, there are cupcakes, smoothies and sometimes cake. There’s no table service, but staff are friendly and helpful, willing to explain things in English if necessary. The place itself is tiny, but you can also order to take away, and even play computer games on an old console while you wait!



Je Sus

vegan / breakfast, lunch, dinner / expensive

Probably the most hipster place in Poznan, this bright, minimal space serves beautifully presented food in giant portions.


We went for brunch, and there were two options: coconut milk porridge with fresh and dried fruits…


…or spring rolls with tofu, a mint and vegetable dip and fresh berries.


And while we waited, we were given an entire sunflower head to pick at and snack on!


The service was friendly, helpful and attentive, but not overbearing. The ambience was calm but fun and the decor slick but with some interesting and quirky details. Perfect for a relaxed meal when you’re hungry and want something a bit fancy!




vegan / lunch, dinner / moderate

A modern café with a cute outdoor terrace at the back, this place serves some brilliantly decadent cakes as well as coffee, smoothies, savoury snacks and small meals.


We tried the towering gingerbread, blackcurrant and cream cake, and it was moist, fruity and satisfying.


The dhal with basmati rice, cauliflower balls and mango sauce was also the perfect light afternoon snack shared between the six of us.




vegetarian, vegan

Right next door to Kwadrat, this nautically-themed ice cream place usually has one vegan option (perhaps oreo or maybe coconut) on offer.


The fun thing about it is that they use liquid nitrogen to freeze the ingredients immediately while mixing it in ice cream machines to make your order right there in front of you!



Zemsta w Kuchni

vegan / breakfast, lunch, dinner / moderate

With a slight anarchist vibe, this bookshop and café offers some light vegan meals and coffee.


The spaghetti with olives, sundried tomatoes and almond parmesan served with a rocket, apple and tomato salad was simple and comforting and made for a perfect early dinner.


The tofu sushi stuffed with various vegetables was nicely presented and clearly very fresh.



Check out Kristin’s video for Vegan Travel for another look at all the things we ate in Poznan!

Where to Stay in Poznan

Surprisingly, Nicole found us a great deal on the Sheraton hotel in Poznan, which had a small pool, sauna room, nice café area downstairs and super comfortable beds! We only paid €30 per person for a night there, which for such a luxurious (for us at least!) hotel felt like a steal!

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