If you have always dreamt of walking through medieval Cambridge and get inspired by the spirit of the greatest minds ever lived, discovering the most iconic modern art on the streets of Bristol, seeing the mysterious Stonehenge, and getting stunned by very unique and incredible London, it is time to visit Great Britain. This amazing country will astonish you over and over again and remain an unforgettable adventure for the rest of your life. Now, how do you plan such a trip to the UK and where do you start? 

Let’s Begin with the Possibly Boring Yet Important Step – Documents.

If you are a US citizen, you will not require a visa to the UK unless you are planning to stay there for longer than six months. If you are a holder of a non-US passport, visit the official website of the British embassy and look for visa requirements. 

Usually, it would consist of at least these three documents: valid passport, photos, and application. 


Valid passport means that it will be valid for at least another six months at the time of travel. Further, if you are traveling with your family, make sure that everyone has a valid passport, including small children.


An application is available for download on the embassy webpage. In case you are having troubles filling out some information on the application, look for an example on the embassy official website and familiarize yourself with helpful tips.


Finally, visit a local photo studio to obtain professional visa photos or make them yourself! You don’t need to be an experienced photographer to get them done, just get a Passport Photo Maker, open an image in the program, choose the UK in the list of countries, select Visa in the drop-down menu of ID types and the software will do the rest. It will automatically crop the image to the appropriate size and display a list of current requirements to comply with. 

Other Important Documents

Additionally, regardless of your nationality and visa restrictions, you will need travel health insurance. Even if you don’t need a visa for your stay, the UK government is not going to cover your medical bills unless you have insurance as well as the US Medicare will not take care of your overseas charges. So, it is strongly recommended to purchase a basic travel health insurance. 

Other Things You Should Know Before Visiting the UK

This Weird UK Traffic

As you have probably heard or seen in movies, UK traffic drives on the left. Keep in mind while driving a vehicle or crossing a street as a pedestrian. Many foreigners get severely injured in the UK because they fail to check the traffic correctly which leads to accidents. 

Special Circumstances

Bear in mind that the UK subway and railway system is not equipped with elevators and ramps which means that people with disabilities will be quite limited while traveling in the UK. However, buses and taxis offer lowering platforms to ease transportation for people with disabilities. 

What To See?

There are myriad places you will love to see in the UK. If you are traveling with kids, check out the famous Harry Potter places, have a fun day at Legoland, or visit one of the biggest in the world safari parks. If you are an outdoorsy person and enjoy the majesty of nature, a visit to Jurassic Coast will be worthwhile. For a big party check out the local rock and pop festivals and the famous London party scene.  

Go Vegan

The vegan diet continues to gain popularity all over the world and the UK is not an exception. It offers a big variety of venues for vegan enthusiasts. 

  • Taste vegan fish & chips in Swindon. 
  • Eat a dairy-free ice-cream on the beach of Bournemouth.
  • Enjoy a vegan five-course meal in a fancy restaurant in Cornwall.
  • Have a good time in a company of rescues cats in a new vegan venue in Sheffield.
  • Catch a break in peaceful Devon and enjoy a vegan Chinese dinner.
  • Party in a great cocktail-bar with vegan snacks in Norwich. 

Great Britain is a great place for traveling and exploring. It is one country that incorporates many unique cultures, lifestyles, and traditions. Plan your journey beforehand, don’t overlook anything important, and have the best vacation!

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