It seems to be an unfortunate but common reality that many people who travel, have not in fact travelled very much in their own country.

I am one of those people.

Most of my travel around Britain has been to visit friends and family in different parts of the island, though mostly England. However, I am still very much aware that there are many beautiful and interesting places in Britain outside of London which I’d like to see or get to know better.

Since I’ve noticed a few other bloggers extolling the virtues of Trover, a new social media app and website that seems to be a cross between the best parts of Instagram and Foursquare, I decided to have a browse and see what came up for the parts of Britain that are high on my travel wish list.


Isles of Scilly

I’ve never even once been to Cornwall, so visiting the Isles of Scilly would be the ultimate goal. Plus, white sand beaches and the warmest climate in the UK? A road trip through Cornwall makes the perfect English holiday. Yes please!


Zab and I have visited Bristol a couple of times over the last few years to stay with a friend who moved there. We’ve always had a great time with our friend, but we haven’t really experienced the city properly, but from what little we have seen (and a lot we’ve heard), I think we’d like it quite a bit.


Lake District National Park

After my grandparents, who used to be big walkers (a 10 mile walk was an afternoon stroll for them) told me about how much they loved the Lake District, I arranged to spend a few days there with a friend in 2008, and since then I’ve been wanting to go back with Zab.



Scotland’s largest city has a reputation for being a big rough, dirty and dangerous, but I suspect that’s not all true, and we've expressed a desire to visit before. It’s of interest to us because it's close to where Zab was born, it has a vibrant music scene and is home to some cool Art Nouveau architecture, most notably that of Charles Mackintosh.


Having only really visited Scotland once (the first time was just one night in Edinburgh, so it doesn’t really count) I was struck at how gorgeous and varied the landscapes are. I’d love to take the train from Fort William to Mallaig, a route made famous by the Harry Potter movies, but also reported to be among the most scenic railway rides in the UK.




Being a bit of a Doctor Who fan, I couldn't leave Cardiff off this list. Despite having visited South Wales many times, I still haven't been to Cardiff, but I'd like to see it and visit its castle.

Snowdonia National Park

Having only ever visited South Wales (I have an aunt, uncle and cousin who live there), I’m intrigued to see something of the north, especially around the highest peak in Wales, Snowdon.



And a bonus (that's not really in Britain!)

Isle of Man

The little island in the Irish Sea has long fascinated me, standing somewhat alone both politically and culturally from the UK. From the top of its highest peak, Snaefell, on a good day you can see England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all at the same time. It also has a train that'll take you right up the mountain!


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